Event Directors: Randy Shotts and Rhonda Shotts PO Box 23326 Portland, OR 97281-3326 Phone : 503-330-0976 email: rlshotts@comcast.net
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Things to Remember…

  • Event Pass Early Registration Deadline is 6/10/17
  • Hotel Early Registration Deadline is 6/21/17
  • Competitor Early Registration Deadline is July 1st, 2017

UCWDC Competitors:

  • All UCWDC Competitors must have an Associate Membership (This means EVERY UCWDC competitor regardless of level - see below)
  • UCWDC Competition Pre-Registration Deadline is July 1st, 2017. Pre-registration is highly encouraged to avoid on-site delays and additional fees. If you must register on-site, you’ll have until 8:00pm on Friday July 7th, 2017. The price per dance increases after July 1st.
  • UCWDC Junior Youth and Junior Teen must pay full competition fees; Junior Primary competition fees are complimentary.
  • UCWDC Line Dance Competition will be offered for Worlds Qualification
  • UCWDC Troupes and Teams Competition will be offered for Worlds Qualification
  • Published Showcase music for the month of July will be used.
  • All UCWDC Competitors must have an Associate Membership (see below)

Swing Competitors:

  • Swing Competitors may compete with a Sunday Only Pass
  • Strictly Swing  – offered in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Sophisticated
  • Pro-Am Two-Step, Swing and Nightclub - Compete with your pro in heated format - offered in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Sophisticated
  • WSDC Jack and Jill offered in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters, and All-Stars (Note: All-Stars MUST have 5 leaders and 5 followers to make; All-Stars will NOT be allowed to dance in the advanced division)

    WSDC Swing Jack and Jill registration will be taken at the event ONLY;
    pre-registration not required.

Social Competitors:

  • Pro-Am Jack & Jill – a fun contest where you get a chance to dance with one of our Pros on Friday night (entry fee $2 at the event only)
  • Just Dance Two Step – offered in Newcomer/Novice and Intermediate/Advanced
  • Country Two Step Tour (CTST) Sanctioned Two Step Jack & Jill – offered in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and All Stars

For Worlds Qualification and/or Exhibition. Please contact us if you are planning to bring your team. Special discounts may apply.

UCWDC Associate Membership Information:

A United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) Membership benefits you in many ways. First and foremost, your financial support contributes to the maintenance and future growth of our competition dance sport. In addition, membership allows you to qualify to compete at the annual World Championships of Country Dance, and allows your “points” to be tracked for the annual “Points Championship” award. However, you must be a current member BEFORE you compete at any UCWDC event. If you’re only planning on competing regionally once or twice, new member plans allow you to do just that for a fraction of the full member price!

Click here or on the UCWDC logo to learn about becoming a UCWDC member! To download Competitor Information as a PDF file, please click on the Portland Dance Festival Logo.